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Bible Study and Reference

100 Christian Resources Online

All Bible Logos- all types of Bibles

Bible Researcher

Bible Study Tools



Blue Letter Bible

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Classic Bible Commentaries

Effective Bible Study

Links to Holy Bible

Meaning and Etymology of Bible Names

New Testament Gateway

Philologos Religious Online Books

RBC Discovery Series Booklets

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One Look Dictionary Search

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Bible Teacher

Israel Photo’s



AudioTreasures Hymns

Hymn Audio

Majesty Music

Net Hymnal

New Song’s Old Song’s MIDI Hymns

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio

Sacred Hymns and Their History

Scripture and Music

Songs of Worship and Praise

Traditional Christian Hymns



Creation Super Library

CR – Institute for Creation Research



Architecture of the Bible

Bible Atlas

Bible History Online

Bible Maps

Bible Maps


Jewish Resources

Bible and Mishneh Torah fo
r all Jews and Gentile


Early Jewish Writings

Friends of Israel

The Institute of Jewish Studies

Hebrews for Christians

Jewish History

Jews for Jesus

Navigating the Bible

The Jewish Encyclopedia

Church Missionary’s

Atlantic City Rescue Mission

Gordon and Pat Bennett

Bible Ministries for Children

Camp Haluwasa

Christian Law Associates

Francisco and Eliane DeSouza

Melo and Joyce Echem

Echelon Mall Ministries

Charles and Shirley Finocchiaro

Jacques and Lynn Iosti

Robert and Jane Kilko

Philadelphia Biblical University

John and Kathy Schultz

Shibu and Shaju Simon

Kevin and Joanne Wood

Ed and Dorothy Woods